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Rainmeter is an enhancement tool that allows you to customize your desktop screen with skins and widgets. You can learn more and download the application from here.




Kimmo Pekkola


Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11



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September 20, 2022


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3.8 from 35714 votes


Rainmeter is a powerful desktop customization tool that allows users to transform their Windows desktop into a personalized and visually stunning workspace. With its extensive library of widgets, skins, and themes, this enhancement software offers a unique and dynamic desktop experience. Whether you want to monitor system performance, display weather information, or showcase your favorite photos, the tool provides the tools to create a customized and functional desktop environment.


One of the standout features of Rainmeter is its vast collection of widgets and skins. Users can choose from various pre-designed widgets, such as clocks, calendars, system monitors, news feeds, etc. These widgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop and customized to match your preferred style and functionality. Additionally, this customization utility supports third-party skins, allowing users to expand their customization options further.


Rainmeter offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive customization options. Users can easily configure and position widgets on the desktop by dragging and dropping. The settings panel of this tool provides a centralized location to customize widget behavior, appearance, and data sources. This flexibility allows users to create a desktop layout that suits their needs and reflects their style.


Beyond widgets and skins, Rainmeter provides additional features to enhance the desktop experience. Users can create interactive widgets that respond to mouse clicks and hover actions, enabling quick access to applications or launching specific actions. It also supports integration with other applications, allowing users to display data from various sources, such as music players, social media feeds, or system monitoring tools.


Features & Highlights

  • Extensive library of customizable widgets and skins.
  • Run in the background without impacting your computer's performance.
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop customization.
  • Interactive widgets for quick access and actions.
  • Integration with other applications and data sources.




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Older Versions

Rainmeter 4.5.16
2.4 MB
Rainmeter 4.5.15
2.4 MB
Rainmeter 4.5.14
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Rainmeter 4.5.13
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Rainmeter 4.5.12
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Rainmeter 4.5.11
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