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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is a powerful overclocking tool for Windows. You can learn more and download the application from here.






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June 22, 2022


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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) for Windows is a must-have software for enthusiasts looking to push their Intel-based systems beyond their stock performance. This powerful overclocking utility allows users to fine-tune the processor, memory, and system clocks, as well as monitor system temperatures, voltages, and more. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the overclocking process, making it accessible to novices and experienced overclockers.


XTU is renowned for its user-friendly design and a wide array of features crafted to optimize system performance. Users can effortlessly adjust core and memory frequencies, manage power settings, and evaluate system stability with the built-in benchmarking tools. This level of control allows for precise tuning, leading to substantial performance improvements, especially for resource-intensive applications and games.


Another notable aspect of XTU is its integrated monitoring capabilities, which allow users to monitor system parameters during the tuning process closely. Real-time data on CPU temperature, voltage levels, and utilization rates help make informed adjustments and prevent potential hardware damage due to overheating or excessive voltage.


Moreover, Intel XTU supports profile creation, allowing users to save and switch between different overclocking setups easily. This feature is useful for testing configurations or quickly adapting to different usage scenarios. With regular updates from Intel, XTU remains compatible with the latest processors and technologies, ensuring enthusiasts have the tools to optimize their systems.

Features & Highlights

  • Allows fine-tuning of processor, memory, and system clocks.
  • Built-in benchmarking tools for system stability testing.
  • Real-time monitoring of CPU temperature and voltage levels.
  • Supports profile creation for easy configuration management.
  • Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest Intel technologies.


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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility 7.8.0
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